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Introducing the Visionary Shaping Our Distinctive Designs



Owner, Director of Design

Tara formally launched Interiors by TLC in 2022, introducing her technical and visual skillset to the Central New York market and beyond.

An alumna of Onondaga Community College and Cazenovia where she recieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, Tara built a foundation working for prestigious design build firms in Syracuse, Marcellus, and Cazenovia.

With her multidisciplinary background, Tara looks at spaces holistically and creates cohesive designs that balance dramatic, bold moves with modern clean lines.

ABOUT: Meet the Team
Modern Kitchen


From an early age, Tara has always been invested in the creative arts. Between drawing and painting, sculpting and photography, visual arts have played a key role in the development and passion behind Interiors by TLC.

ABOUT: Projects

Today, Tara is settled in Cazenovia where she continues to redesign and make improvements to her first home while supporting her design business and growing her real estate career. In her free time, Tara enjoys spending time with her horse Cisco and developing a lifestyle that supports her overall wellbeing.


During the process of establishing a fitting career in high school, Tara mainted a few key goals including the utilization of technology, implementation of creativity, and a passion for working with people. 

After developing a fascination with sociology, otherwise known as the study of human society, it came as no surprise when Tara discovered interior design would be the perfect. This was a "light bulb" moment that would shape her and her career for years to come. This concept is symphoric of Interior Design, as it is defined by the professional and comprehensive practice of creating an interior environment that addresses, protects, alters, and responds to human needs.

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