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August 2019 - May 2021

A collection of educational projects completed as a junior and senior Interior Design student.



Spring 2021

Students were to create an interactive, technology driven design education center based on research accumulated from the previous semester. This space was to be fully accessible with office suites, an exhibition zone, a reception area, and public restrooms. Encompassed by an open floor plan with natural, organic materials, this design education center promotes productivity and enhanced learning with an emphasis on natural light. A soft color palette with white walls encourages a light atmosphere while allowing for an educational experience.


Fall 2020

After a previous industrial building was left abandoned, students were to redevelop the structure into affordable housing units while maintaining the structural integrity of architectural elements. Later, an addition was to be added to maximize square footage and provide additional living space. The design of the loft apartment features a combination of mid century and industrial styles with emphasis on texture in exposed brick and natural hardwood floors. The open concept floor plan also allows for circulation, while the added interior sun room and above exterior patio allows for maximized use of the space in its entirety.



Fall 2020

Students were to create an interactive, technology driven exhibition space featuring a company of one’s choosing. This space was to be fully acces- sible while balancing traditional materials with digital display techniques. The trade show booth was also catered towards mixed visitor groups. Schluter Systems creates and manufactures installation systems specifically designed for tile and stone. The innovative systems combine state-of-the-art technology, practical experience, and attention to detail, in order to protect the integrity of every tile installation and allow for the application of this ideal surface covering on virtually any surface which is reflective in the overall design.


Fall 2020

This modern retail store design was based off of local tenant architectural plans from an existing mall. Students were to develop a brick-and-mortar space showcasing product display and brand representation. Founded in 2013, Article offers stylish modern, mid century, and Scandinavian furniture from world renowned designers at accessible prices. My challenge was to showcase the separation of three spaces including a living room, dining room, and bedroom in an open concept unit. To achieve this, I created division by incorporating a ceiling element to ground the middle of the space while still promoting openness. I also incorporated open shelving to showcase decor elements, all of which are sold by the company. In order to create depth and dimension, I opted for a dark ceiling to contrast the light colored floors and walls.



Spring 2020

The goal of this project was to develop an in-house kiosk for a company of our choosing. Founded in 2015, Youth To The People continues its legacy as a California- based, family-owned brand built on three generations of professional skincare. This group project involved the work of company branding, identity, and overall reflection of these elements in the final design. Upon completion, we created a user friendly kiosk with product displays, a hand-washing station, and technology implementation for customer integration.


Spring 2020

This project involved the addition of a 600 square foot space onto an existing structure. This modern toy rooms features a gender neutral design with custom bookcases, an olive green accent wall, open and closed storage, as well as a half bathroom. We wanted this youthful space to feel sophisticated yet playful so we also incorporated bench seating, basket storage, and various sections to the room including study, play, and relax.

Dining View 2.jpg


Fall 2019

Two real estate developers desired an in-house dining location for interior designers and other design professionals. The bistro will offer healthy cuisine while inspiring diners to consider the beauty and fragility of the natural world with an emphasis on climate change and our individual carbon footprint. The design of Hemlock Hollows, located along a mountainside in Seattle, Washington, is based off the state tree known as the Western Hemlock. With a collaboration of both modern contempo- rary and industrial styles, the elements
of our natural Earth reflect the overall design of the interior space. The soft, neutral color palette features grays, wood tones throughout.


Fall 2019

An independent hotel owner seeks an innovative hotel suite design to help attract travelers to her Upstate, NY town near a significant body of water. The client wants an imaginative look based on focal artwork and related to local climate and regional character with a focus on texture and architectural detailing. The design of The Southwick Hotel, located on the southern tip of Lake Ontario, New York is based off the artwork “Saint Helena” by Julia Contacessi. With a collaboration of both modern and contemporary styles, the brass elements of the painting are found continually throughout the space. The furniture selection reflects the fluidity of the painting, embracing the simplicity of clean lines.

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