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The multifaceted design challenge of transforming a compact 9' x 15' space into a versatile haven was extremely rewarding. We meticulously crafted a functional layout to seamlessly integrate a mudroom, laundry room, and full bathroom, ensuring every square foot served a purpose. Our dedication to detail extended to material selections and stunning interior renderings, giving the client a vivid preview of their dream space before it became a reality.



August 2023

This project presented an exciting opportunity to transform a blank loft space above a newly constructed garage into a versatile secondary dwelling unit. With a keen eye for design and functionality, we embarked on the task of conceptualizing and executing a layout that accommodated a living area, kitchenette, bathroom, and sleeping space seamlessly. Through distinctive planning, we meticulously crafted two custom design proposals, complete with thoughtfully curated floor plans and captivating interior renderings, all harmonizing to bring a fresh rustic modern aesthetic to life in this inviting loft retreat.




This project showcases our expertise in elevating interior spaces to their fullest potential. Across two floors, we embarked on a transformative journey with the client, carefully curating a design style that resonated with their tastes and preferences. This collaborative effort resulted in thoughtfully designed, functional floor plans and comprehensive custom interior design proposals, complemented by stunning interior renderings that offered a visual preview of the sophisticated and harmonious living spaces we crafted.



July 2023 - August 2023

The Dining Room Project was a creative solution to a couple's storage dilemma in their newly found dream home. Faced with limited storage space, we collaborated closely with the clients to propose two distinct design concepts, each centered around a custom-built credenza offering both open and closed storage options. To ensure our ideas resonated, we presented vivid interior renderings that not only showcased the concepts but also highlighted the transformative benefits of this new perspective, turning their dining room into a functional and stylish haven.




June 2023

The Definitive Beauty LLC Project marked a bright collaboration with one of Fayetteville, NY's most esteemed beauty salons. In partnership with the client, we embarked on a journey to enhance the salon's functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our efforts centered around reimagining the layout to better serve the needs of the beauty technicians, while maintaining the salon's existing modern design. Through the creation of detailed interior renderings, we not only showcased the salon's contemporary charm but also introduced fresh ideas that breathed new life into this beauty haven.



April 2022

This project exemplified a harmonious collaboration with a local general contractor on a fully accessible ADA new build in Tully, NY. Our involvement extended to every facet of interior design, encompassing unique material and finish selections, appliances, doors, hardware, lighting, plumbing, paint, and various hard surfaces. We crafted custom design presentations, showcasing bespoke casework elements and furnishing proposals while meticulously designing the kitchen and all three bathrooms with a rustic modern aesthetic, characterized by the client's vision of olive green with walnut accents, as reflected in our detailed interior renderings. Additionally, we extended our expertise to the home's exterior, presenting a unique hardscape design through striking renderings, ensuring the entire property exuded a cohesive and inviting charm.



April 2022

Breathing new life into a historic 1875 two-story home, earmarked for use as an inviting Airbnb getaway. Our collaborative efforts with the client led to the proposal of an open-concept layout, perfectly blending the charm of the past with the modern needs of today's travelers. Our custom interior design presentation, complete with meticulously crafted renderings, brought to life a contemporary, high-contrast aesthetic, ensuring that every space within this charming retreat exuded style and comfort, promising an unforgettable stay for guests.



October 2021

The Luxe Lash + Beauty Bar Project was an exciting collaboration with a new coming beauty salon, aiming to create a standout identity in the industry. Interiors by TLC helped shape the initial brand identity, infusing it with elements of luxury and style that perfectly aligned with the client's vision. Through meticulous floor planning tailored to the needs of a lash salon, captivating interior renderings, and professional photography showcasing the completed space, we transformed their vision into a stunning reality that left a lasting impression on clients and competitors alike.



March 2020 - December 2020

This comprehensive interior renovation project breathed new life into a two-story townhouse. We collaborated closely with the client to reimagine the layout, resulting in new floor plans that maximize space and functionality. From a sleek, modern kitchen to three stunning new bathrooms, this transformation was brought to life with carefully curated material selections and lifelike interior renderings, ensuring the client's vision was realized with precision and style.



July 2022

This project was a transformative bathroom renovation that harmoniously blended Scandinavian design principles with modern functionality. Tasked with creating a new layout for the primary bathroom, we collaborated closely with the client to craft a space that featured a double vanity, a private toilet area, a free-standing tub, and a custom walk-in shower. Our meticulous space planning ensured a functional and efficient layout, while our interior renderings vividly brought to life a high-contrast, natural design that celebrated the beauty of simplicity and elegance, making the bathroom a true sanctuary.



October 2021 - December 2021

A refreshing take on bathroom design, where we reimagined both the primary and guest bathrooms to align with modern aesthetics and functionality. We meticulously crafted new, efficient floor plans that maximized space utilization and convenience. By introducing tasteful interior material selections and showcasing the vision through stunning interior renderings, we breathed new life into these spaces, creating inviting, contemporary bathrooms that provided a new perspective on imagined spaces.

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